Pro-grade photo and video content is a must in today's world. Whether you're selling a product, promoting an event, or marketing your business, social media is an incredible tool to get your brand out there.
You've heard consistency is key. But it's HARD to keep that ball rolling when you've got ten other things on your plate. High quality AND quick and easy? No way.
That's why I offer a subscription-style content service. I'll produce all the photo and video content you need for a whole month, setting you up to succeed on Instagram, Facebook, and whatever other platforms you use.
I produce content on a monthly basis. In one or two days, I'll produce enough photo/video content to get you set up for the next month.
One photoshoot (25-35 photos) - $250/month
One photoshoot + one video (15-60 sec) - $750/month
Account Management (All of the above + account management) - $1500/month
Here's what that looks like
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