Who Am I?
I’m a hustler. I take an idea and work on it until it's been realized. I’m the guy people come to with ideas when they don’t know how to start. I specialize in creative problem solving and creating processes to overcome obstacles. I find projects where I can make a difference, and I help them achieve their goals.

But that’s pretty abstract, right? What does this look like in real life?

Here’s an example: a few weeks into my first semester of college, I was approached by a friend who needed help. He wanted to start a Mock Trial club on our campus, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. I jumped in and partnered with him to create the next big thing on our campus. I helped him navigate the bureaucracy of the approval process, getting funding, and recruiting a team. It’s this kind of progression that gives my work meaning: taking an idea from the back of someone’s mind and watching it explode into the next big thing.

Why do I do this?

I’m passionate about creating relationships through common interests, finding ways to collaborate with talented individuals, and growing my network.

I want to be able to give out of what’s been given me. I recognize that as far as opportunities and relationships go, I’ve been given a lot, and I want to continue those gifts on down the chain. Leveraging my connections who possess talents I don’t have allows me to share from my talents with other people.
My Experience
Media Director | Grace Church (2020-present)
As the marketing coordinator at Grace Church, I've been responsible for social media and web management. I scheduled daily Instagram and Facebook posts, managed the website, and produced all the church's photo and video content.
A/V Student Worker | Trinity Christian College (2019-20)
This is more or less where I got my start in media. As a student worker, it was really a learning position. I came in with little to no A/V experience, and after only a few months I had learned the skills to operate Trinity's different sound systems, running events like festivals, chapels, and lectures.
Co-Founder/VP of Marketing | Trinity Christian College (2019-20)
I co-founded Trinity's inaugural Mock Trial team, bringing together people from many disciplines to form a team that was competitive with many well-established programs, including Loyola University and Wheaton College.
This role had many different responsibilities, from securing funding to creating a marketing plan to coordinating travel for the whole team. It was a fantastic growth experience both for myself and for the whole team.
My Education
BS in Marketing | Purdue University Northwest (Class of '23)
High school | Olive Branch Academy (Class of '19)
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