Who Am I?
I’m a hustler. I take an idea and work on it until it's been realized. I’m the guy people come to with ideas when they don’t know how to start. I specialize in creative problem solving and creating processes to overcome obstacles. I find projects where I can make a difference, and I help them achieve their goals.

But that’s pretty abstract, right? What does this look like in real life?

Here’s an example: a few weeks into my first semester of college, I was approached by a friend who needed help. He wanted to start a Mock Trial club on our campus, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. I jumped in and partnered with him to create the next big thing on our campus. I helped him navigate the bureaucracy of the approval process, getting funding, and recruiting a team. It’s this kind of progression that gives my work meaning: taking an idea from the back of someone’s mind and watching it explode into the next big thing.
Why do I do this?
God created me to work my ass off, and I take that seriously. I've exhibited this love of learning and passion for personal and organizational growth in every role I've taken on, and that's because it's ultimately not about me. Whether I'm in a highschool or college job, volunteering with my church, or founding brand new student organizations on my college campus, I want to proactively contribute to the communities I'm a part of, and glorify my maker in doing so.
Why should you hire me?
I'm passionate, and I work hard. I love working in media and I have a passion for conservative ideals. I'm a hands-on learner, and I always look at my past experiences and mistakes as opportunities for growth and situations to learn from.
Why Louder with Crowder?
There's a number of reasons I'd love to work for the show, but I want to keep it simple.  I have experienced cancel culture firsthand, and I have all the respect in the world for those who laugh in its face, just as LwC does.
This spring, I was hired to serve at my college (Trinity Christian College) as a Resident Assistant for the 2020-21 year. Over the summer, a group of left-wing students found out that I was posting conservative content on my social media accounts, and they convinced the administration to fire me from my student leadership position, simply for taking a hard stance on taboo topics like abortion and the LGBTTQQIAAP+ movement. It's because of this that I feel a strong call to work in conservative media and to fight against these sorts of cultural phenomena.​​​​​​​
My Experience
Lumber Associate | Lowes (2020-present)
As the sole lumber associate at my local Lowes for most of the spring and summer, I learned how to deal with high-pressure and high-speed environments. While many businesses slowed down during this time, Lowes stayed busy as ever, and with employees quitting early in the season due to fear, I was one of the only employees in my department. Due to these factors, I was under constant pressure to perform and keep customers happy, and that's certainly my biggest takeaway from this work experience
Skills: working under pressure; creativity; resourcefulness
Marketing Coordinator | Grace Church (2020-present)
As the marketing coordinator at Grace Church, I've been responsible for social media and web management. I create social media campaigns, manage the website, and produce all the church's photo and video content. I've also worked with the church administration to create and maintain a consistent brand across platforms.
Skills: social media management; video production; creativity; web management; digital asset management
*This work has been on a volunteer basis
A/V Student Worker | Trinity Christian College (2019-20)
This is more or less where I got my start in media. As a student worker, I was simply expected to help out the full-time staff, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way. I took this as a challenge, coming in with little to no A/V experience, and after only a few months learning the skills to operate Trinity's different sound systems on my own, running events like festivals, chapels, and lectures.
Skills: live audio production; multitasking
Co-Founder/VP of Marketing | Trinity Christian College (2019-20)
I co-founded Trinity's inaugural Mock Trial team, bringing together people from many disciplines to form a team that was competitive with many well-established programs, including Loyola University and Wheaton College.
This role had many different responsibilities, from securing funding to creating a marketing plan to coordinating travel for the whole team. It was a fantastic growth experience both for myself and for the whole team.
Skills: event/travel planning; multitasking; budgeting; attention to detail; creative problem solving
*Past employment is non-exhaustive. I'm happy to provide an exhaustive list if necessary.
My Education
BS in Marketing | Purdue University Northwest (Class of '23)
Trinity Christian College (2019-2020)
High school | Homeschool (Class of '19)
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